Low flame output or yellow flame can be caused by several things.

  1. Excess Flow Saftey Valve Reset Procedure (Regulator problems)

    Since 1995 all regulators (the part that attaches to the gas tank to regulate the flow of gas) have included a safety device that restricts the flow of gas in the event of a gas leak. However, unsafe practices of grill operation could activate the safety device without having a gas leak.
    A sudden shut off of the gas flow typically occurs if you open the LP tank valve rapidly, or if one or more of the burner control knobs is in an open position when opening the LP tank valve.
    This procedure is effective with all LP Tank sizes as well as Natural Gas. When performing the procedure on a Natural Gas model, simply substitute "Natural Gas valve" for "LP Tank".

    To ensure the procedure is safely and is successfully performed, please carefully follow the instructions below.

    1. Close the LP tank valve.
    2. Turn all burner control knobs to the OFF position.
    3. Disconnect the regulator from the LP tank.
    4. Open the lid of the grill.
    5. Turn burner control knobs to HIGH.
    6. Wait at least 5 minutes.
    7. Turn burner control knobs OFF.
    8. Wait for at least 5 minutes.
    9. Re-connect the regulator to the LP tank.
    10. SLOWLY turn the LP tank valve a ¼ turn at a time and have the valve all the way open.
    11. With the lid open for BBQ with an ignitor button: ONLY turn on ONE front burner control knob to the HIGH position. Ignite the grill by pushing the ignition button.
      With the lid open for BBQ with an automatic ignition: Push down the control knob you want to light and turn counter-clockwise until you hear the ignition click.
    12. After the first front burner is lit, turn on the other control knob(s) to the HIGH position. **If you have more than two burners, ONLY turn them on ONE AT A TIME.
    13. When all front burners are lit, close the BBQ lid.
    14. Wait for 10-15 minutes, the temperature should reach 400 - 450 F°
      Always open your propane tank valve slowly to keep the pressure in the tank from overwhelming your OPD valve or the regulator. Wait a few moments after turning the gas on before lighting the grill. This will allow time for the pressure to even out before lighting the grill.

    For portables models:

    1. Turn the control knob to the OFF position.
    2. Disconnect the LP tank.
    3. Disconnect the regulator from the burner.
    4. Push the knob down to empty the regulator.
    5. Wait at least 5 minutes.
    6. Re-connect the regulator to the burner.
    7. Re-connect the LP tank.
    8. With the lid open, turn the burner control knob to the HIGH position.
    9. Ignite the grill.
    10. Close the BBQ lid.
    11. Burn for 5 minutes to see if it is working well.
  2. Gas Leak Test

    To check for leaks

    1. Make a 2-3 oz. of leak solution by mixing one part liquid dishwashing soap with three parts water.
    2. Make sure control knobs are in the "OFF" position.
    3. Spray some solution on all connection points and hoses.
    4. Open the propane cylinder valve / natural gas valve at natural gas supply from home.
    5. Inspect the solution at the connections, looking for bubbles. If no bubbles appear, the connection and hoses are secure.
    6. If bubbles appear on the hose, contact the customer service center and get a replacement. DO NOT operate your grill until you have replaced the part.
    7. If bubbles appear at a connection point, disconnect and reconnect, making sure the connection is secure.
    8. Retest with solution.
    9. If you continue to see bubbles, turn off the gas at the source, disconnect regulator hose from the propane tank / natural gas hose from the supply valve and contact the customer service center.
  3. Blockage in the Venturis

    Unhook the hose from the tank and check the grill burner assembly and venturis for obstructions. I have had spiders crawl into the pipes and build a spider web which restricted the amount of gas that could flow from the tank to the grill burners. Follow your manufacturers instructions for doing this check.
    The Venturi shutters also might need to be adjusted. Find the venturi tube adjustment screw. This screw releases the shutters. Light the grill and set to low heat. Loosen the venturi screw and open the shutters until the flame is mostly blue. Turn off gas and tighten the adjustment screw. Let the grill cool.
  4. Propane tank might be bad

    Try hooking up a different tank to the grill to see if the problem goes away. I wasted a whole 5 gallons of propane with a tank that went bad. A new tank fixed my problem.
  5. Irregular flame

    Air flow is not correct. Correct flame: blue with yellow tips, 1-2" high. Too little air: wavy yellow or orange flames. Too much air: noisy blue flames.
    If flames are yellow or orange ¬ open flap at the end of the venturi tubes in 1/8" increments until flames are correct. If flames are blue and noisy ¬ close flap at the end of the venturi tubes in 1/8" increments until flames are correct.
    *Propane Models must be open a minimum of 1/8"
    *Natural Gas Models must be open a minimum of 1/16"